Fullbody Juvy Snow Goose Decoys - Per 6

Fullbody Juvy Snow Goose Decoys - Per 6

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A white goose spread isn't complete with out the grey birds! The New Bulk Decoy Club Juvy Snow Goose Fullbodies are the cheapest way to add color into your snow goose decoy spread.

The durable EVA plastic used to produce our Economy Juvy Snow Goose Fullbody Decoy is the same proven material used to make the Canada Fullbodies. These light weight decoys have incredible motion, which is key for killing snows! This collapsible but rigid material allow the decoys to come rolled in their shipping boxes, although once in the field they'll run exactly like standard hard plastic decoys. The stakes stay connected to the decoys as you're jockeying them around the field and when you're piling them in the trailer. No more setting stakes and trying to line up cones in the dark! These are the fastest setting fullbody decoys in the world! We truly feel this decoy and system is going to change the snow goose fullbody decoy game.

  • Durable EVA Plastic - Not a Foam Decoy!
  • Only "collapsible" if you want them to be. 
  • Light weight, great motion
  • The cheapest fullbody decoy ever!

Tail loop fittings are pre-molded into the decoy. Any fullbody spring snow goose hunter will tell you these are a must have design feature! If you have been looking for cheap full body snow goose decoys without sacrificing quality, you've found the answer.

Compare Bulk Decoy Club Fullbody Juvy Snows for $79.99 per 6 in price to:

  • Avian-X Snows ($149.99)
  • Greenhead Gear Snows ($129.99)
  • Dakota Decoy Snows ($149.99)
  • Tanglefree Pro Series ($159.99)
  • Higdon Full-size Snow ($149.99)
  • And don't forget the shipping and tax on those!

They come with 23" pointed fiberglass stakes.

Weight including stakes: 4lb 2oz per 6!

6 packs: 2 sentry and 4 feeder positions in each pack.

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