Fullbody Tail Loop Bungy Kit - Per 6

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Bungy loops are by far the easiest way to carry decoys around the field. Die hard snow goose hunters know they are a must! These pre-cut bungee loops attach to the molded in tail loop holes in the Bulk Decoy Club Fullbodies. There is no need to drill into the decoy! Why didn't the big decoy manufactures think of this, who knows?! 

The Bulk Decoy fullbodies EVA material makes them so light, when combined with the bungee loops anyone can honestly carry dozens at a time! Whether you're hunting Snows, Canadas, Specks or Ducks, this slick decoy tail loop system is a must for the quickest decoy set out and pick up.

Per 6.

  • Pre cut - 6" loops
  • Carry dozens of decoys at a time!