Honker Floater Canada Goose Decoys - Per 4

Honker Floater Canada Goose Decoys - Per 4

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Simply the best honker floater. These are truly honker size and made for high visibility on big or small water. Made from a thick durable EVA plastic. 

  • Large Profile
  • 1 Piece Design
  • Weighted Keel
  • Painted Body and Heads
  • 25’’ x 13’’ (Beak to tail, Across back)

The realistic looks and durable paint schemes were developed to perfectly mimic the Honker Canada or what is commonly known as the Resident Canada goose. This oversized decoy replicates posture and look of a relaxed Canada Goose on the water. If you have been looking for high quality, versatile and cheap floater Canada goose decoys, you found the right place. 

They come with a weighted keel and two tie off locations for different looks on the water. The weighted keel allows the decoy to be self-righting when tossed. Once piece decoy no lost heads or broken parts.  

The decoy bodies will come compact in the packaging, with a valve and plug system. The body material is even thicker than what is used for the BDC fullbodies and they are not intended to be collapsible in the field. Get them full sized and plugged and you're ready to go for the season.

 4 Packs: have 4 relaxed sentry, Painted heads and tails (no flocking)


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