We get quite a few questions - Here are some answers to the most frequently asked:

Do you offer samples?  Unfortunately we are not able to offer sample decoys. Your best bet will be to pick up a full box at the already
crazy low price to give them a fair test. If for some reason they don't fit what you are looking for we offer a no questions asked full refund policy for 30 days on your first box of decoys.

Is There a Warranty?  We do not have a fixed bold guarantee. However we can GUARANTEE that we have many people put every product we make through extensive field testing. We produce Bulk Decoy Club products with the same materials and same paints as several other decoy brands, by manufacturers that are well versed in decoy and waterfowl gear production. Beyond that we have a no questions asked return policy on your first box if you get them and aren't completely satisfied (but we know you will be!)

How Much To Ship To Canada?  
This is not an exclusive club, but unfortunately we can't get you in on the free shipping deal. We ship decoys to Canada at actual cost via United States Postal Service. It will automatically calculate at check out. It is normally around $45USD for the first box and $15USD for additional boxes. This usually covers the taxes as well, although not always. It will depend on order size and your Provence. 


How Long Does it Take To Ship?  If the decoys you are buying are in-stock, they generally ship the same day the order is placed. USA guys, you'll will likely be holding your new decoys within a week of ordering, often less. Canadian guys, it can take 2-3 weeks for them to get across the boarder and through customs, but we'd guess you're used to that.