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No one needs a reasonably priced quality decoy like a snow goose hunter! Since the start of Bulk Decoy Club members have been screaming for a snow goose windsock decoy.

However simple they may seem, there are infinite ways to make a windsock decoy and we knew a small group of guys could never design something that is exactly what everybody desires. But with that in mind we felt the best way to come up with the BDC windsock design was to ask YOU, the club members, what you wanted. What works, what doesn't, and all must have features. The answers to the group survey are what lead the design of this decoy. We took the information gathered along with samples of most of the other windsock decoy options on the market too an engineering firm to help complete the project. Believe us, there is some serious brain power behind this! We weighed function, durability, and price of each feature to come up with this unique windsock decoy design!

The result is a great snow goose windsock decoy that has the function and durability you are looking for at an everyday BULK price!

This is YOUR Bulk Decoy Club Windsock Decoy:



  • 24" COATED STEEL STAKES - Perfect diameter to go into hard ground.
  • PUSH DOWN BACK BONE - Easily folds, snaps into upright position
  • CURVED PLASTIC BACK BONE - Unbreakable, and realistic
  • T-HANDLE - To push the decoy into the ground
  • NO LOCK NUTS - One piece screw together design
  • PRINTED FEATHERS - UV resistant, Matte Ink
  • 100% ASSEMBLED - Ready to hunt out of the box

The Bulk Decoy Club Snow Goose Windsock Decoy is going to change the way you hunt snows! With the ability to add more numbers of quality decoys that are user (and client friendly) at an incredibly low price.

And don't forget FREE SHIPPING TO THE USA!

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