UPDATE - Bulk Decoy Club SNOW GOOSE WINDSOCKS will be available in December!  Stay tuned for the official release soon!

The Best Windsock Snow Goose Decoy

We asked what you wanted if you could develop the perfect windsock decoy. The results are in!

It turns out there are as many different opinions on what works best as there are ways to hunt snows. With this info in mind we've started the design process on the Bulk Decoy Club windsock. Here are some highlights:

The Best Type of Windsock Snow Goose Decoy
TRADITIONAL STYLE: Heavily favored over silosock style decoys with plastic heads.

STEEL STAKE: We are going to go with a sturdy steel stake, with a thinner diameter than the fiberglass stakes that are on the market. This will make them easier to put in hard ground. With a steel stake we also won't need a lock washer to keep them together.

COLLAPSIBLE SUPPORT: Another heavily preferred feature. We will go with a no frills push up/push down style support that is durable and functional.

PRICE: We've got to finish the design before we can announce a price, but the goal is to be one of the lowest on the market, while still producing a quality decoy! From what we can gather bulk windsock purchases are actually pretty fairly priced right now, but we'll see what we can do!


Printed Feathers - YES
Drain Holes - YES
Pre-assembled - YES
Option to Add Heads - YES
T-handle for Pick Up - YES
High Quality Tyvek - YES
Curved Back Support - MAYBE
Crush Proof Collar - MAYBE

We're in the design stage now. Decoys will be available for spring 2018!

        Here's your chance to be part of a better more economical windsock snow goose decoy. Pipe up, we're listening!

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