6 slot fullbody goose decoy bag

6 Slot Fullbody Goose Decoy Bag

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Spending large chunks of change on decoy bags is not the Bulk Decoy Club way! A 6-slot decoy bag for $70 bucks? No thanks. The BDC 6 Slot Fullbody Goose Decoy Bag is the cheapest decoy bag you'll ever find! These bags are literally being manufactured by a company that makes spendy bags for several big name decoy brands. Same quality material, same bullet proof construction. And they'll protect your decoy investment just the same!

This bag is sized LARGE. Of course it will comfortably fit 6 Bulk Decoy Club Fullbodies, stakes, and bases. But if you want to use the unique EVA properties of the decoys you can actually wiggle 8-10 decoys in just one bag! 

This cheap six slot decoy bag will also work for pretty much every other decoy on the market including standard or lesser size decoys from Avian X, Avery / GHG, Dakota Decoys, DOA, Higdon, Hardcore, Dave Smith Decoys, and any other decoy you might have laying around. Both fullbodies and floaters!


  • SLOT SIZE - 11"W x 11.5"W x 19"D

Just $39.99 each. Combine with decoy order or buy 3+ and get FREE SHIPPING! (to the USA)!

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