Fullbody Snow Goose Decoys - Per 6

Fullbody Snow Goose Decoys - Per 6

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Who needs a bulk priced fullbody goose decoy more than a snow goose hunter? The Bulk Decoy Club went after this project with one thing in mind - cost savings.

This full sized no frills snow goose fullbody is meant to BULK up your spread quickly and as cheap as possible!

The durable EVA plastic used to produce our Economy Snow Goose Fullbody is the same proven material used to create our Canada Fullbodies, allowing for increased motion, back-saving transport around the field, and an even cheaper price. This light weight material is rigid but does have some "give" to it, although they'll run exactly like standard hard plastic fullbodies.

The stakes stay connected to the decoys as you're jockeying them around the field and when you're piling them in the trailer. No more setting stakes and trying to line up cones in the dark! These are the fastest setting fullbody decoys in the world! We truly feel this decoy and system is going to change the snow goose fullbody decoy game.

  • Durable EVA Plastic - Not a Foam Decoy!
  • Only "collapsible" if you want them to be. 
  • Light weight, great motion
  • The cheapest fullbody decoy ever!

Tail loop fittings are pre-molded into the decoy. Any fullbody spring snow goose hunter will tell you these are a must have design feature! If you have been looking for cheap full body snow goose decoys without sacrificing quality, you've found the answer.

Compare Bulk Decoy Club Fullbody Snows for $79.99 per 6 in price to:

  • Avian-X Snows ($149.99)
  • Greenhead Gear Snows ($129.99)
  • Dakota Decoy Snows ($149.99)
  • Tanglefree Pro Series ($159.99)
  • Higdon Full-size Snow ($149.99)
  • And don't forget the shipping and tax on those!

They come with 23" pointed fiberglass stakes.

Weight including stakes: 4lb 2oz per 6!

6 packs: 2 sentry and 4 feeder positions in each pack.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Good for the money

The decoys are nice especially for the price. We currently run about 1200 full bodies and shells with socks for movement. Looking to update some of the older stuff and exploring options. So far these are in the top 6.

Jevon K.

For the price they are perfect! You guys keep up the great work!!

snow goose survey

well i was one short other than that there tremendous. had to work to get the wrinkles out it was easy to do.i will for sure to order more. i ordered 2 dozen winsocks they arrived and they are great. love on how they fold up real easy. they were headless. i was wondering when are you going to get winsocks with heads on. i keep checking but never see. so far they are tremendous the full bodies i ordered and the windsocks. ed

Bud W.
Snow goose decoys

Really like the bulk decoys, building my snow goose spread, they look great and easy to carry..

Corey A.
Quality decoy at a great price!

As a guide for a snow goose outfitter, we’re always looking for quality gear to give our clients the best possible experience. Bulk Decoy Club offers a quality decoy at an affordable price. We’re looking to add many more Bulk Decoys to our spreads as the quality of decoy at this price point is unmatched!