Floater Snow Goose Decoys - Per 6

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Made from a thick durable EVA plastic material that is used by several well known decoy companies and makes a decoy that is durable enough to drive your truck over. 

The decoy bodies will come compact in the packaging, with a valve and plug system. The body material is even thicker than what is used for the BDC fullbodies and they are not intended to be collapsible in the field. Get them full sized and plugged and you're ready to go for the season.

Floater Snows feature:

  • NEW 1 Piece Design
  • Weighted Keels
  • Painted Body and Heads
  • 22" x 9"
  • The Cheapest Floater Snows!


The realistic looks and durable paint schemes were developed to perfectly match those of a central flyway Snow Goose. They run great with your Bulk Decoy Club fullbodies. It's a popular decoy size for running big and small spreads. These floaters are lighter weight and take up less space in your boat vs clunky oversized decoys.

6 decoys per pack.

Compare Bulk Decoy Club Floater Snows at $99.99 per 6 to:

  • Dakota Decoy ($159.99) Per 6
  • Tanglefree ($99.99) Per 4
  • Greenhead Gear ($99.99) Per 4
  • Higdon Full Size ($99.99) Per 4
  • And don't forget the shipping and tax on those!

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