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Fullbody Canada Goose Decoys - Per 6

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SOLD OUT FOR THE SEASON!  Pre-order for next year will begin in early 2024. New stock will arrive next spring!

The Bulk Decoy Club Fullbody Canada Goose Decoy is made from a durable commercial grade EVA plastic material. This material is used by several well known decoy companies and makes a decoy that is durable enough to drive your truck over. 

This unreal EVA material allows our fullbody decoys to slightly compact in their shipping packages. The club decided to use a lighter style of EVA material to:

  • Be lighter in the field
  • Increase motion
  • Decrease total cost

This is one reason we are able to get them to the club for a crazy good price while also offering our Free Shipping Promise.

Once un-boxed the decoys will retain their fullbody shape and hunt just like hard plastic decoys.

The realistic looks and durable paint schemes were developed to perfectly match those of a central flyway Lesser Canada Goose. It's a popular decoy size for running big and small spreads. They don't fill up your trailer, truck, or boat as fast as clunky oversized decoys. If you have been looking for high quality, versatile and cheap full body goose decoys, you've found the right place.

They come with a pop in 23" stake system that allows for realistic feeding motion in any wind. The stake will also stay connected to the decoy for easy pick up or storage if you prefer that style!

Bungee tie off holes are molded into the tail of the decoy if you want to put bungee loops on for easier carrying in and around the field. No more drilling!

They come with durable flocked heads and tails.
6 packs: have 2 sentry and 4 feeder positions in each pack.

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