Fullbody Duck Decoys - Per 12

Fullbody Duck Decoys - Per 12

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The new Bulk Decoy Club Fullbody Mallard Decoys are here and we're excited to offer them to the club at an insane price of just $139.99 dozen! In a day when big name brands are asking $250-$300 for fullbody duck decoys, we knew the club mentality could do better. Way better.  

The full body duck decoys are made from the same durable commercial grade EVA plastic material that made the goose decoys a viral sensation. This material makes a decoy that is light weight yet durable enough to drive your truck over! 

This unreal EVA material allows these fullbody decoys to compact in their shipping packages. The club decided to use a lighter style of EVA material to:

  • Be lighter in the field
  • Increase motion
  • Decrease total cost

This is one reason we are able to get them to the club for a crazy good price while also offering our Free Shipping Promise.

Once un-boxed the decoys will retain their fullbody shape and hunt just like hard plastic decoys.

The BDC Mallards are the perfect way to BULK up your duck field spread with a high quality, versatile and cheap full body decoy.

They come with a pop-in 17" stake system that allows for realistic motion in any wind. The stake will also stay connected to the decoy for easy pick up or storage if you prefer that style!

These are oversized for visibility and have durable lifelike paint.

12 pack: 6 drakes and 6 hens in each pack.

Compare Bulk Decoy Club Fullbody Mallards at $139.99 /dz in cost to:

  • Avian-X AXP Mallard ($299.99)
  • Greenhead Gear Pro Grade Fullbody ($239.99)
  • Dakota Decoy Fullbody Mallard ($299.99)
  • Tanglefree Pro Series Mallard ($239.99)
  • Higdon Magnum Fullbody Mallard ($239.99)
  • And don't forget the shipping and tax on those!

Oversized Field Mallards: 18" x 8".

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