Sleeper Fullbody Canada Goose Decoys - Per 6

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Ever wonder what happened to Fullbody Sleeper Decoys? So did we! The few "companies" that offer them are often out of stock and always over priced. That's the kind of decoy Bulk Decoy Club can help with! This great new offering is for a 6 pack of light weight realistic FULLBODY Canada Goose Sleepers.

Made from the same durable commercial grade EVA plastic material as our other fullbodies. This unreal EVA material allows our fullbody decoys to slightly compact in their shipping packages. The club decided to use a lighter style of EVA material to:

  • Be lighter in the field
  • Increase motion
  • Decrease total cost

This is one reason we are able to get them to the club for a crazy good price while also offering our Free Shipping Promise.

Once un-boxed the decoys will retain their fullbody shape and hunt just like hard plastic decoys.

The fullbody sleepers match the size and shape of our standard Lesser Canada Goose line measuring 20"x 8".

The come with the standard pop in 23"ground stakes.

The soft material also gives you the option to push the bellies in and run them laying down. This works great on ice shelves or river banks!

Add on Ring Bases are also available.

They come with durable flocked heads and tails.
6 pack of fullbody sleepers in each pack.

Compare Bulk Decoy Club Sleeper Fullbody Canadas at $109.99 / 6 in cost to:

  • GHG Full Body Honker Sleeper ($219.99)
  • Higdon TruSleeper ($179.98)
  • Flambeau Storm Front Relaxed ($224.98)
  • Nobody else even makes them?!
  • And don't forget the shipping on those!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Chad F.
Look great

Mixed in with full bodies, collapsible and even silos they look great ! Another good use is on water edges !

tom f.
Sleeper canadas, great coloring and paint, great flocking on heads, a little smaller than I expec...

Just to secure ahead of season

Daniel S.
Worth adding to the spread.

The sleepers are a fantastic addition.

seth H.
Great on the sandbar

Great product easy to use.

Michael V.
They're Fine

I wanted to see what they were like. I didn't care for them. I dislike the material, it doesn't fill out and stay filled out, even leaving in the sun to help make them softer to manipulate. I'm willing to pay the extra $20 I can spend to get GHG full bodies that have better construction. Nothing wrong with them just a personal preference.